The Habsburger opened the monastery hospital in 1330. Since 2004, the Psychiatrischen Dienste Aargau (PDAG) has been a public limited company owned by the canton of Aargau. Around 1,200 people work for PDAG in over 50 different professions. PDAG is an academic teaching hospital of the University of Zurich and a training and further education institute for doctors (psychiatrists), nursing staff and other professions.


  • The economization of the health care sector requires streamlined and equally robust processes. Adequate procedures and the ‘right’ skill and grade mix are decisive for success
  • Over the years, individual processes and procedures have been established in the diverse clinics. With the move into the new building pending, harmonization across clinics must be realized
  • The aim is to mobilize staff members and management by applying their knowledge and experience


  • Design of a target-orientated approach to pilot an interdisciplinary skill and grade mix across key clinics
  • Methodological implementation and guidance as a sparring partner for the internal project team
  • Foundation was formed for further measures to strengthen the shared PDAG identity


  • Efficient formulation of target processes and the appropriate skill and grade mix required as a result
  • Results from the pilot project serve as a ‘blueprint’ for a PDAG-wide roll-out
  • Foundation was formed for further measures to strengthen the shared PDAG identity
Bernd Remmers Consultants empowered us to share existing internal knowledge across clinics and functions. This allowed us to swiftly develop a shared approach. Very impressive! Aline Montandon (Head of Nursing, Specialized Therapies and Social Services) and Christoph Cassidy (Head of Corporate Development)