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Our mission

We live in a time where change comes suddenly and the timeframe for planning is becoming ever shorter. Companies are required to react rapidly to changing conditions and this is only on the rise. Restructuring, transformation, the implementation of new business models and successful companies becoming faster and more agile – all tremendous challenges for companies, their management, teams and employees.

We have been guiding companies through their strategy implementation and change management since 1983. We consider culture to be the central lever for sustainable success.


For over three decades, our expertise has been in the following three areas: Culture, change and leadership. The focus of our work is the assessment of the status quo, the design of effective change processes and the support of managers, employees and teams.


We consider the culture of a company as the most important differentiating factor that can never be copied. That’s why we strengthen your organization by living the corporate values. Our aim is to make potential visible, to network it, to promote strengths and to address virtues all while ensuring effective communication. This is how we can together inspire people for more entrepreneurship, innovation and value creation.


Change processes require competent guidance. That’s why we support you with professional change management during the conception and implementation of these processes, meaning your strategies are realized quickly and securely. Our focus is on involving and empowering your key people from the very beginning. With our proven method, Winning Ways™, we ensure systematic and professional support. Additionally, our attention is always on effective internal communication.


Successful companies need strong leaders. We strengthen their leadership behavior. In doing so, we attach great importance to identifying and promoting individual potential. You will benefit from agile managers, self-reliant teams and a pronounced spirit of innovation.

What sets us apart

The ‘Network of the best’ is a decisive differentiation factor for Bernd Remmers. It consists of highly qualified and experienced experts working with you to tackle your challenges in a practical and pragmatic manner. From this pool of professionals, we can provide the right experts for each client and thus put together the most effective team possible.