Klinik Hirslanden

The Hirslanden Private Hospital Group comprises of 17 clinics – many of which have outpatient surgery centers and emergency units – and operates four outpatient practice centers as well as 16 radiology and four radiotherapy institutes. It is thus the largest medical network in Switzerland. With 9,635 employees, of which 461 are doctors and more than 1,680 are general practitioners, the Hirslanden Group offers wide-ranging services covering all care levels – from basic care to diagnostics and highly specialized medicine at university level. The ultimate goal is to maximize patient benefit at all care levels. This includes both medical quality and patient satisfaction to the same extent as the economic efficiency of the service provision.


  • Closing the gap between strategic orientation and lived culture
  • Getting the most important managers and stakeholders on board for the implementation of the transformation
  • Further development and strengthening of the internal communication concept in the context of the Hirslanden System Model


  • Individual process coaching for key persons
  • Design and guidance of diverse leadership platforms
  • Assessment and further development of existing communication measures


  • Enhanced awareness of the Hirslanden System Model
  • Strengthening the leadership competences
  • Promotion of interdisciplinary cooperation
  • Changed mindsets in regard to interdisciplinary cooperation
Bernd Remmers Consultants is the professional partner for complex transformation process guidance and manager coaching. Dr. Daniel Liedtke, COO, Hirslanden