Osnabruck family firm Meyer & Meyer is an experienced partner to the fashion industry and supports its customers along the entire supply chain – from sheep to shop. As a leading European specialist, the company offers a range of services, extending from raw materials and production logistics to storage, processing, quality assurance and distribution of goods that are ready for sale. Meyer & Meyer manage logistical activities with 1800 employees in Europe, Asia and North Africa, from the company headquarters, as well as through a network of subsidiaries and partner companies both in Switzerland and abroad.


  • Create a high degree of transparency across hierarchies and cross-cultural levels
  • Increased involvement of all service providers in the ongoing development of Meyer & Meyer culture


  • Implementation of a thorough, fiduciary cultural check
  • Completion of an online survey, as well as execution of structured individual interviews and focus group discussions with the board and the entire management team
  • Consolidation and analysis of the results, as well as elaboration of a concrete action plan


  • Creation of transparency about the Meyer & Meyer culture in practice
  • Identification of relevant fields of action and leverage points for the upcoming change process involving Meyer & Meyer
The cultural check with Bernd Remmers Consultants creates transparency relating to the corporate culture and highlights areas where action is required. For Meyer & Meyer, the check is a good starting point to be able to determine specific measures. Jan Weber, Member of the Board of Management and CEO, Meyer&Meyer