VR Payment

VR Payment is a service provider for the Volksbanken Raiffeisenbanken – a cooperative financial group – that offers products and services for cashless payment transactions. VR Payment is the only company in Germany that covers the entire spectrum – from card acceptance to processing, terminals, network operation and the blocking of cards. VR Payment employs 300 people in Germany.


  • The trends in the Fintech industry require innovation and agility
  • Cooperation across teams and locations is becoming increasingly complex
  • The management team is tackling demanding leadership requirements


  • Supporting internal change management measures
  • Conception and implementation of leadership platforms
  • Guiding management throughout the cultural transformation


  • Development of clear leadership roles and responsibilities
  • Stronger solution-oriented cooperation
  • Creation of a clear understanding of future trends and their impact on VR Payment
We focus on continuous further development and innovations in all areas of cashless payment transactions. Bernd Remmers Consultants understood just how to advance our strategy, structure and culture. Carlos Gómez, CEO, VR Payment