Gasverbund Mittelland

GVM procures and transports natural gas under the best possible conditions on behalf of its 15 affiliated local suppliers in the north-western Switzerland. GVM operates its own high-pressure gas network with transfer stations, guarantees high-quality supply and is responsible for the safe and efficient operation of the supraregional pipeline network.


  • The energy sector is undergoing a structural and partially fundamental change
  • The 15 power distribution companies are both customers and shareholders of GVM
  • GVM has accordingly reviewed its strategy and revised the shareholder agreement and the corresponding regulations


  • Guiding the taskforce to draft the strategy, shareholder agreement and the corresponding regulations
  • Support of internal persuasive and communicative measures
  • Coordination national projects with the gas industry


  • Approval of the revised strategy, renewed shareholder agreement and the necessary regulations
  • Creation of a new shared vision and mission
  • Stronger GVM negotiating position in terms of national projects
Emotions and motivating objectives are as much a part of top-class sport as they are of a successful strategy! Bernd Remmers Consultants provided us with significant support during this challenging phase. Hans Wach, Managing Director, Gasverbund Mittelland