Energie Wasser Bern

Energie Wasser Bern is one of the five largest municipal energy supply companies in Switzerland and an independent, public-law company of the city of Bern. The company – with around 630 employees – ensures the supply of electricity, natural gas, biogas and water to the city of Bern and surrounding communities. The company recycles waste into energy, offers electric and natural gas mobility services and is also expanding the fiber optic network in the city of Bern.


  • Far-reaching changes are taking place in the energy sector
  • Securing individual competitiveness by concentrating more on market and client needs
  • Promotion of entrepreneurial thinking and action on behalf of managers and employees
  • Sustainable restructuring of the portfolio and services and positioning as an overall energy specialist


  • Joint development of a concrete change and culture roadmap in cooperation with management and important key persons
  • Empowering managers to ensure effective and continuous implementation
  • Creating suitable leadership and employee dialog platforms
  • Training of selected employees as internal multipliers of the Winning Ways™ Change Methodology in order to carry the willingness to change into every corner of the company


  • Buy-in of key stakeholders into the cultural change through appropriate change and communication measures
  • Empowerment of all executives to lead consistently and to think and act in an entrepreneurial manner
  • Acceleration of the cultural change by empowering internal multipliers and involving the younger generation
The current and future energy market requires a high level of competitiveness. We were able to sustainably increase this through the change culture expertise offered by Bernd Remmers Consultants. The added value is particularly characterized by customized and client-specific design solutions and experienced, pragmatic support. Daniel Schafer, CEO, Energie Wasser Bern