Cultural Journey


With 1,500 employees in 14 locations, Skyguide provides air traffic control for Switzerland and neighboring countries. Around 1.2 million civilian and military aircrafts are being safely and efficiently guided through Europe’s complex airspace. Skyguide is well-connected internationally and contributes to the attractiveness of Switzerland as a location with innovative and client-orientated solutions. With its headquarters in Genf, is it owned in majority by the Swiss Federation.


  • The goal is to establish a «High Performance Culture» in Skyguide in order to also remain successful in the long run
  • There was a lack of transparency on the topics which should be assessed
  • The following question was asked – How can we promote cultural change further?


  • Implementation of a pulse checks
  • Design and implementation of face-to-face individual interviews with key people
  • Design and implementation of cross-sector focus groups
  • Processing and consolidating results and findings as well as using the results for the prioritization of key topics and measures in the future


  • Creation of transparency, how the company is dealing with the topic of «Cultural Journey»
  • Identification of relevant action areas and points of leverage in the context of the Cultural Journey
  • Definition of concrete next steps
Bernd Remmers Consultants did a great job in assessing skyguide's culture and developing ideas to further leverage our cultural assets for the company's ambitious transformation process. Alex Bristol, CEO, Skyguide