Liva Luzern

Five senior centers and 211 residential housing facilities with services make Viva Luzern a leader in elderly housing, care and nursing in central Switzerland. Viva Luzern has around 1,170 employees who are committed to high-quality care and nursing and ensure a warm, welcoming environment. The name Viva Luzern stands for feeling at home in old age. 


  • Factors such as the shortage of qualified staff, the corona pandemic, financial and political framework conditions are challenges for management.
  • To convincingly implement the newly adopted strategy, you must have the right organizational structure and a strong leadership culture.


  • Taking and evaluating a pulse check in the context of culture, strategy and structure.
  • Tracking the process for overhauling leadership principles.
  • Moderating culture and leadership workshops with managers and leaders.


  • Understanding fields of action in the context of culture.
  • Jointly developed and executed Leadership Code.
  • Clear leadership role as new manager.
What is the future of care and nursing? A strong leadership team is required for solid answers. Andrea Wanner, Managing Director