Many projects and strategies fail because they are not implemented quickly and sustainably. Change management is a vital aspect of avoiding failure. Winning Ways™ serves your company as a method to implement your strategic initiatives quickly and securely. The core of the methodology, which is based on over 30 years of experience, is the ‘Circle of Impact’: See, do, get. Our vision determines our actions, our actions determine our results.

See, feel it or forget it.

Create a shared basic understanding, shape the future image in a strong communicative way and develop a Plan B. This is the foundation of your success.

Get, win it or fix it.

Sustainable results are crucial. This is why we accelerate the implementation of your initiative by measuring the ‘soft factors’. Intermediate successes and fields of action are thus made visible and communicable.

Do, move it or lose it.

Set priorities, create role transparency and clear responsibilities and ensure discipline in action are crucial for successful implementation.

Winning Ways™ consists of 9 modules that make
implementing changes in a dynamic way possible.

See, feel it or forget it.

Common basic

  • Raise strong presence awareness
  • Ensure a realistic view of resources
  • Take time for change of perspective

Common vision
of the future

  • Visualise the common vision of the future
  • Define clear and concrete goals
  • Convince stakeholders


  • See 'Stumbling blocks' as challenges
  • Allow flexible answers
  • No excuses! – Include the “imperfect world” into your planning

Do, move it or lose it.


  • Distinguish between “urgent” and “important”
  • Ensure clarity about resources
  • Communicate tasks and targets comprehensibly

Transparency of roles

  • Establish priorities as a basis of the daily routine
  • Encourage dedication and commitment of all parties involved
  • Enable transparency and plausibility of individual contributions

Disciplined behaviour

  • Live a performance culture
  • Benefit from individual strengths
  • Encourage entrepreneurial thinking and acting

Get, win it or fix it.


  • Create transparency
  • Focus on results
  • Evaluate and measure hard and soft factors


  • Focus on chances and growth opportunities
  • Adopt an entrepreneurial attitude
  • Accelerate the growth


  • Provide a constructive feedback culture
  • Communicate effective and address the target audience
  • Achieve embedding and sustainability

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Customer comments on Winning Ways™

The simplicity of the Winning Ways™ method won us over Prof. Dr. Günter Müller-Stevens, Universität St. Gallen, Lehrstuhl für strategisches Management
The professional design and management of emotional power in hospitals provides us with substantial competitive advantages Dr. Daniel Liedtke, CEO der Hirslanden Gruppe
The applications Winning Ways ™ give managers practical support in dealing with the challenges of change initiatives Dr. Dr. h.c. Peter Lorange, former President, IMD Lausanne
The consistent ‘see-do-get’ approach has greatly helped us in terms of our transformation challenges Dr. Thomas Marquardt, Global Head of HR der Infineon Technologies AG