In order to carry the will to change into every corner of the company, you select employees cross hierarchy who will be empowered as internal change agents.

Winning Ways™ Academy

Contents and procedures

Phase 1

  • The internal Change Agents learn how to employ the thinking and action approach (Winning Ways™) in everyday life
  • The clarification of one's own role as an internal Change Agent is of great importance for this purpose
  • Concrete practical tasks are on hand and initial implementation ideas are developed

Phase 2

  • The internal Change Agents work on concrete practical tasks on the basis of defined ‘90-day commitments’
  • The first implementation successes are achieved
  • Transfer coaching ensures quality assurance

Phase 3

  • Implementation results are presented in the certification workshops. These are evaluated and developed further Expert knowledge flows directly into the process
  • The second part of the training leads to a deepening and a complete understanding of the thinking and action approach Winning Ways™
  • Certification then takes place