Swissgas, Swiss public limited company for natural gas, was founded in 1971. The most important objective is to ensure competitive network operation as well as the security of supply of natural gas in Switzerland. For this purpose, Swissgas has its own network with a total length of 260 km as well as transport agreements with foreign companies for gas transport up to the Swiss border.


  • The energy industry is undergoing a fundamental transformation. A few key words: liberalisation, market opening, new energy policies, and de-carbonisation
  • Swissgas is an integrated company with trading, procurement, and network activities. It is gradually transforming into a purely national network operator
  • Unanimity among Swissgas shareholders is required for strategic decisions


  • Participation in the development and evaluation of strategic options
  • Moderation of the process and methodological support for decision-making
  • Support for the cooperation between administrative council, management, and the specialist committees
  • Leading of the project office and coordination of the project work


  • Revised shareholders’ agreement in order to unbundle Swissgas into a “pure” network operator
  • Consensus on new strategic positioning so that Swissgas can meet a future gas supply law
  • Strategic alignment of committees
Security, reliability, and efficiency are crucial for us. Bernd Remmers Consultants has the same self-image in its attitude and way of working. Thank you for the many years of collaboration Ruedi Rohrbach, CEO of Swissgas