REHAB Basel is a highly specialized clinic with around 500 employees. It assists people with brain injuries and/or paraplegia to reintegrate back into their lives following an accident or illness.


  • Employees identify strongly with their work and the REHAB Basel institution
  • The proposed new tariff system and cost pressure, digitization and a new understanding of management are accelerating the development of the organization
  • The mission statement must be modernized, and all employees must be made aware of this


  • Interviewing all managers to uncover relevant differences between the described and real-life mission statement
  • Design and moderation of executive training to anchor the new future vision
  • Sparring partner for the CEO in regard to this topic


  • Joint development and endorsement of the adapted mission statement
  • Focus on the core statements, on what really distinguishes REHAB Basel
  • Combining numerous measures and projects to strengthen self-understanding
Our aim is to implement our vision and mission statement in our everyday work. Thank you for the valuable support! Stephan Bachmann, CEO, REHAB Basel