As a middle-sized service provider, Mobility Carsharing specialize in clever mobility solutions. They work across functions, using lean structures and doing everything they can to provide every one of their 177,100 clients with clever and comprehensive carsharing services. As a cooperative, their aim is not to make a short-term profit, but to pursue a long-term strategy aimed at the sustainable further development of their product range. The mobility culture is characterized by honest, respectful and appreciative interaction with clients and one another.


  • The aim is not only to be number one in mobility sharing, but to also exemplify mobility in the internal leadership and sharing of values and knowledge
  • New office spaces and processes along with new services and client apps are demanding challenges: They require leadership and model examples
  • Balancing successful tradition and innovation which may be perceived as unsettling


  • Implementation of focus groups and evaluation of an online survey on: ‘How do managers embody the values of courage, agility and openness?’
  • Design and moderation of the management workshop in combination with an exchange of experience from top team sports
  • Determination of the current situation and exchange of experiences with managers


  • Clear understanding of individual roles and responsibilities as management
  • Implementation of company and market values with their new interpretation
  • Performance culture: Learning from elite sport teams for individual daily work and management
We received excellent guidance. The coach impressed us with his direct, exciting, well-founded and down-to-earth nature. A mirror was held up to us and valuable fields of development were pointed out – exactly what we needed! Peter Affentranger, HR & Academy Manager, Mobility Carsharing Cooperative