IVF Hartmann

The IVF HARTMANN GROUP has been one of the leading Swiss companies providing medical consumer goods for over 140 years. With approx. 370 employees in Switzerland, the IVF HARTMANN GROUP works continuously to generate "ideas that heal and care" and to act as a reliable partner with high medical competence on behalf of their clients.


  • The economization of the health care market and digitalization of retail are both challenges and opportunities
  • The agility and speed of the implementation of innovative services distinguish them from the competition
  • The handling of numerous projects and ‘everyday work’ is also a challenge for the management team


  • Discussions to identify the relevant fields of action in the context of agility and speed
  • Design and guidance of a strategy check to refine the awareness key people about current trends and ‘upheavals’
  • Sparring partner for the CEO in order to anchor the transformation process in a targeted manner


  • Shared understanding among executives about 'Why & Where'
  • Clear priorities and responsibilities have been established for the pending implementation measures
  • Strengthening the common understanding of leadership
Their change management expertise is what makes them a trusted partner. Dr. Claus Martini, CEO, IVF Hartmann