Eniwa is a regionally incorporated energy service provider with headquarters located in Buchs. The company offers a wide range of supply and installation services that provide long-term security of supply and added value to around 30 communities in the region of Aarau. The offer includes electricity, natural gas/biogas, heating/cooling, hydrogen, water, telecommunication, energy services and electrical installations. Eniwa AG employs more than 300 employees and is in the process of training over 50 apprentices.


  • The imminent market liberalization as well as the digitization demand for flexibility and networking in cooperation
  • Accordingly, the management task of management members, who inspire and focus on opportunities, is important
  • Management have very individual and different challenges and therefore these key people should be personally enhanced in their important rolls


  • Implementation of moderation through dialogue-based workshops with senior management and the top 15 members of management
  • Implementation of images of oneself & others for an extensive analysis of strengths and weaknesses of every individual
  • Support from individual feedback sessions with senior management and the top 15 members of management to interpret the results and conclusions from customized and goal-orientated training and development plans


  • The board and the management team received clarity about their own potential
  • Individual qualities, competencies and abilities have been encouraged
  • The management team have enhanced their corporate thinking and doing
Motivated and independent teams are a prerequisite for successful development of our challenging projects. Bernd Remmers Consultants supported us in the self and external assessment as well as in the group discussion and helped us take a large step forward. Hans-Kaspar Scherrer, CEO, Eniwa