Contilia Group

The Contilia Group was formed by the merger of three Catholic, non-profit organizations in the health care sector. Today, the ‘with the linden tree’ company (con Tilia) is a high-performing enterprise, employing around 7,200 people who provide health care in the central Ruhr area. The group operations include hospitals in nine locations with a total of 2,443 beds.


  • Safeguarding competitiveness and financial autonomy
  • As a result of increasing competition in the health care sector in Germany, the Contilia Group developed its 2020 Agenda as part of a strategic positioning. The challenge is to implement this 2020 Agenda quickly, sustainably and consistently to enable efficient growth


  • Development and guidance of strategic repositioning
  • Development of individual strategies for the ‘heart and vascular’ competence center and proactive guidance during the generation change
  • Guidance and support of the cultural transformation in favor of a market-orientated management culture
  • Orchestration of strategic communication platforms to strengthen strategy comprehension (2020 Agenda)
  • Creation of a new leadership culture (principle of subsidiarity) and transformation toward product and market-orientated management
  • Complete redesigning of the training and further education program
  • Development of a strong leadership culture and coaching for key people
  • Improvement of interdisciplinary cooperation at all levels


  • Strengthening the strategic profile on the health care market
  • Through the use of the Winning Ways™ change management method, complexity was reduced which, in turn, clarified and accelerated processes within the project
  • Consistent and sustainable strategy implementation
  • Creation of a cross-locational and market-orientated corporate culture
  • Establishment of an agile leadership organization
Excellent guidance during our transformation – thank you! Dr. med. Dirk Albrecht, Managing Director, Contilia Group