BLT Baselland Transport

Baselland Transport AG BLT is a public transport company operating in the region of Basel. It is characterized by its pronounced client orientation, high cost awareness and its above-average willingness to perform and take initiative. More than 155,000 travelers avail of BLT’s trams, trains and buses daily, made possible by 500 employees.


  • Public transport developments demand that strategies are reviewed regularly
  • The company is experiencing strong growth thanks to innovation and acquisitions
  • Entrepreneurial thinking and acting at all levels are a decisive factor for success


  • Guiding the strategy review and development of suitable organizational models
  • Conduct assessments with all managers (self-perception & ouside-perception)
  • Conception and implementation of leadership platforms


  • Consistent linking of strategy, structure and culture
  • Stronger real-life BLT identity and leadership values
  • Transparency regarding development requirements and potential
Integrity, reliability and sustainability are values that guide us. Bernd Remmers Consultants were able to support us with the same values. Andreas Büttiker, CEO, BLT Baselland Transport