AVAG has been providing safe, environmentally friendly and responsible waste disposal since 1973 for 140 municipalities. From professional collection, environmentally conscious treatment and disposal to professional recycling and with approximately 135 employees, AVAG is a reliable disposal partner covering all areas.


  • Continuous growth and new cooperations for district heating and wood-fired power plants require adapted management structures
  • The planned generation change of important top performers is accompanied by a new understanding of leadership and values
  • The implementation of this new management organization requires support for the teams


  • Interviews with key players to identify the relevant fields of action in terms of leadership culture and the future vision
  • Design of and guidance during a change process to empower all key players and management teams for their new function
  • Sparring partner for the CEO in order to successfully anchor this organizational development in a sustainable manner


  • Raising awareness among managers about the relevance and necessity of this reorganization
  • Empowering managers in their new tasks and responsibilities
  • Creation of a value and performance-oriented team spirit
They provided us with powerful support for simple solutions and consistent action. Heiner Straubhaar, CEO, AVAG